Habari Gani?

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It’s the first day of Kwanzaa and it’s when we begin our embracing of the Nguzo Saba which are more often referred to as the seven principles.  I interestingly came across a very candid article about the responses of most Black when asked about the now 50-year-old holiday.

While not surprised, I do believe I was a bit shocked at some of the commentary that followed the post.  Even if you choose to not celebrate the holiday, learning about its principles is information that is critical to the Black community.

How fitting that today we look at Umoja.  Umoja is the principle that represents Unity (to strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation and race) and quite honestly, I couldn’t think of a better place to begin.  It’s a great starting point to learn and at least understand exactly what the 7 day, holiday celebration is all about.

Here’s a Kwanzaa tip to get you started: Habari Gani is the official greeting and means “whats the news”.  The response to habari gani is the principle of that particular day and hopefully it will generate some conversation.   My suggestion; don’t just read about Kwanzaa and it’s principles, get out and experience a celebration and/or event for yourself with an open mind and spirit.

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